Adel Kalemcilik is the first name that comes to mind when talking of stationery in Turkey. Its journey started in 1969 in Kartal, Istanbul. Pencils and stationery products, produced by Adel Kalemcilik have been recognized for high quality across Turkey, and “left a mark” on the education of many generations.

In 1995, Adel Kalemcilik turned its collaboration with the world’s oldest stationery brand Faber-Castell, into an official partnership. This partnership has been a strong example of Adel Kalemcilik’s continuous investments and its commitment to add value to Turkey and to generations to come.

In 2015, Adel Kalemcilik moved its factory to Çayırova, into a 36.000 square meter plant, where wood-cased pencils, coloring pencils, copying pencils, ballpoint pens, ink pens, markers, felt-tip pens, oil crayons, watercolor paints, erasers, pencil sharpeners, finger paints, play doughs and gouache paints are produced.

Today Adel Kalemcilik, holding 2 best known brands of the Turkish stationery market, is the biggest stationery manufacturer of Turkey and the region, in terms of output and product range. Adel exports to an approximate 40 countries.

Holding a legacy longer than 50 years, Adel Kalemcilik offers a wide range of approximately 3.800 products  under Faber-Castell, Adel, Graf von Faber-Castell, Atlas, Max, Panfix and Citizen brands, some of which are produced locally and some imported.

Adel puts a premium on product safety and quality, by adopting the motto of “we do not sell a single product that we would not buy for our own children", while conducting more than 10 thousand product safety tests and 30 thousand quality tests per year.

Since its establishment, Adel Kalemcilik has carried out all its activities with the aim of providing benefit to its stakeholders and society, and by supporting sustainable projects. Adel Kalemcilik, which prioritizes the fields of Quality Education and Climate Action, which are among the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, carries out many sponsorship and social responsibility projects under the Goodness Tree corporate social responsibility brand with the "goodness" value in its essence.

Since 1996, Adel is listed at Borsa İstanbul (Istanbul Stock Exchange) with 27.71 percent of its shares.

Adel in Numbers

1) 4.000+ types of products
2) Export to nearly 40 countries
3) Turkey's and its nearby region's biggest wood-cased pencil manufacturer
5) If put side by side, the products manufactured by Adel can go around the world.
6) Partnership Status: Anadolu Group 57%, Faber-Castell AG. 15,40%, free float rate 22,6%, small partners 5%
7) Faber-Castell brand awareness 100%, Adel 97%,

Faber-Castell, Adel, Graf von Faber-Castell, Atlas, Max, Panfix and Citizen


1969: The first company that comes to mind when talking about stationery in Turkey, and now a tradition, Adel started operating when its first factory was established in Istanbul – Kartal.
1995: The cooperation between Adel Kalemcilik and a globally known manufacturer of writing and painting tools, Faber-Castell, has become a partnership.
1995: The first of Sales and Marketing activities to connect the stationery selling points with the products, which have been carried out ever since for 20 years, and now done as a tradition in 20 cities with more than 6000 participants, have been performed. 
1996: Adel Kalemcilik went public and started to be traded at Borsa İstanbul.
2000: As a result of the passion to rediscover the past and to take this discovery to future with flawless design and technology, Graf von Faber-Castell collection that symbolizes "Luxury in simplicity" came to light in the year 2000.
2003: Atlas Pen pencil fabricate was bought. 
2009: Adel Kalemcilik renewed its logo and met with its customers with its new image in its 40th year anniversary.
2011: Faber-Castell celebrated the first of its 250th year festivities in an organization in Çırağan Palace, funded by Adel Kalemcilik.
2011: Adel Kalemcilik and Faber-Castell established the company “Faber-Castell Anadolu” with equal association and got into Russian market. 
2012: The first of the “Faber-Castell, Creative Brain, Creative Kids” seminars for teachers, in which the aim is to help pediatric development via highlighting the importance of creativity was given in Istanbul. 
2013: Adel Kalemcilik broke a ground again, creating a new world full of adventures and color for children, with the brand Adeland’s entertaining characters. 
2013: Adel Anadolu Regional Sales Directorate was created with the aim of managing the distribution and retail of the cities out of Marmara region.
2014: With the “goodness” trait in its heartbeat, Adel Kalemcilik celebrated its 45th year anniversary with the vision of “being with whoever wishes to shape and enliven their dreams and leave colorful tracks behind”. 
2015: With the power of an experience of 45 years, Adel Kalemcilik entered into a new sector. Except stationeries, it now connects with its customers with its Toy products. Moreover, Adel moved into its new factory in Çayırova, Kocaeli.
2018: Adel Brand and Corporate Identity relaunch dedicated to the Goodness Tree
2020: Regional Authorized Dealers system launched in Türkiye.


About Faber-Castell: 
Faber-Castell has celebrated its 250th year anniversary in 2011. The brand is the leader in the world in pencils and writing tools. Faber-Castell, the world’s oldest writing tools company and always a symbol of quality, innovation and creativity, owns 14 production plants in 10 countries in the world. Additionally, it has sales firms in 22 countries and distributors in more than 120 countries. Globally, the company has 7500 people working for it.

Faber-Castell is the company which has formed the pencil we see today and introduced the standards such as HB – 2B. One of the brand equities of the Faber-Castell is Social and Environmental Responsibility. The company, with this thought, has created its own lath (raw material of pencil) supply program in Brazil and Columbia. The forests not only help with lath supply, but they also are home to biological diversity. 

Forestation Project is the first project in the world to be approved by UN “Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). Faber-Castell is one of the first private corporations which are allowed to sell emission certificates for the protection of climate and forestry. World’s leader pencil manufacturer Faber-Castell uses 100% sustainable lath. Faber-Castell is a “Carbon Neutral” company.

About Anadolu Group:

Anadolu Group operates with the vision of being “The star that links Anatolia to the world and the world to Anatolia” and maintains its activities in 7 sectors (beer, soft drink, retail, agriculture, automotive, stationery and energy) and in 20 countries with approximately 80 companies, 90 production facilities, 6 R&D centers and 100,000 employees. The Group, which was founded by Yazıcı and Özilhan families in 1950, is a driving force of Turkish economy with its financial assets, its strong production capacity and the projects it is involved with. It acts in accordance with its mission of being a multinational and entrepreneurial group through its partnerships with leading brands and companies of the world such as AB InBev, The Coca-Cola Company, Faber-Castell, Isuzu, Kia, Honda, Honda Marine, Kohler, Johns Hopkins Medicine. With assets worth TRY 391.8 billion in value in 2023, the Group booked a total turnover of TRY 375.6 billion on its operations. 

Anadolu Group manages its environmental, social and corporate governance activities in the strategic areas "future" of Nature, Business and People, with the sustainability strategy “From Anadolu to the Future”. Within the context of its social responsibility, the Group is involved in several areas like agriculture, education, health, sports, culture, arts and tourism and also contributes to the society through its social organizations; Anadolu Foundation, Anadolu Medical Center Hospital and Anadolu Efes Sports Club. 

Anadolu Group strives to produce value in sustainable manner and consistently achieves a rapid and healthy growth through its commitment to a culture of partnership with global brands and international companies, its expertise in branded consumer products, its experience and strength as regional player in a broad geography and its understanding of strong corporate governance.