Board of Directors

Kamilhan Süleyman Yazıcı (Chairman)

Kamil Yazıcı graduated from New York Military Academy as lieutenant captain (96’), holds a BA degree from Emory University’s Goizueta Business School (00’), an MBA degree from American Institute of Business and Economics (05’) and has completed the GMP program at the Harvard Business School (17’). Yazıcı started his career in Anadolu Group in year 2000 and after completing the orientation program at the holding continued his career in Anadolu Efes’ Russian beer operations, where he assumed the roles of Supply Chain Director and Business Development Director between 2008-2011. In 2011, Yazıcı was appointed as General Manager of Efes Vitanta in Moldova and resumed this role until 2014. In 2014, he was appointed as Market Development Director and held this position until 2017. Since 2017, Yazıcı has been serving as Board Member and Vice-Chairman on Anadolu Group holding and subsidiary boards. In addition, Yazıcı serves as Board Member for TAİK (Türkiye-U.S. Business Council), TOGG (Turkish National Auto Initiative), HBS Alumnus (Harvard Business School’s Alumni Board) and KYYDAS (the Kamil Yazici Family Trust).

Tuğban İzzet Aksoy (Vice Chairman)

Tuğban İzzet Aksoy graduated from the Management and International Finance Department of the University of Oglethorpe in the USA, following his education at the Austrian High School. He began his professional career as an Assistant Expert in the Financial Affairs Directorate at Anadolu Endüstri Holding, in 1996. In December 1998 he was appointed as a Senior Broker at the Alternatifbank Treasury Department. Following five years in this role, Aksoy took on the role of Corporate Finance and Risk Manager at the Treasury and Risk Management Department of Anadolu Endüstri Holding A.Ş. in June 2003. In April 2008, he became Assistant Coordinator at Business Development Directorate, and between 2009-April 2019, he worked as Anadolu Group Energy Sector Coordinator. He continues to serve as Board Member in various Anadolu Group companies. Aksoy, who has participated in professional training and seminars in his field, is member of energy groups of TÜSİAD and TOBB. He is also the executive board member of the Turkish Jockey Club. Aksoy has been serving as an honorary consul of Georgia since 2016 and also holds Georgian Government Medal of Honor.

İbrahim İzzet Özilhan (Board Member)

İbrahim İzzet Özilhan was born in İstanbul in 1982. He received his undergraduate degree from Hofstra University Banking and Finance Department in 2006 in USA. Özilhan, began his career as a Brand Representative at Coca Cola A.Ş in 2006 and served as Sales Representative in Coca-Cola Hellenic A.Ş. In 2009, he started working at Efes Russia and took up dutied as Finance Manager and Brand Distribution Representative. In 2011, he started in Anadolu Efes Türkiye as Market Development Supervisor and continued as Horeca Manager and Modern Trade Sales Director respectively. Since 2017, he has been working as On-Trade Director at Anadolu Efes Türkiye. Özilhan was chosen as Board Member of TÜSİAD in 2024 and also acts as the Leader of its Food, Beverage and Agriculture Roundtable. He also acts as a Board Member at TÜRKONFED.

Meltem Metin (Board Member)

Born in 1969, she graduated Robert College in 1987 and studied Business Administration and Finance at Istanbul University. After a total 4 years of experience in marketing and financial control at Beymen and Pamukbank, she moved on with her career as a Financial Controller in Anadolu Holding in 1996. From 1998 onwards, she held Financial and General Management roles at Efes Invest and Coca-Cola Operations in Central Asia. She continued her role as General Manager of Coca-Cola Kazakhstan and Coca-Cola Kyrgyzstan after the merger of Efes Invest and Coca-Cola İçecek (CCI) in 2006. After an FMCG focused expat career of 9 years, she was appointed as the Strategy and Business Development Director at CCI HQ in 2009. She held the role while being a member of the Executive Committee of CCI until February 2021. She attended various executive programs at IMD and Harvard Business School. As a founding partner at Inova Grubu and Startme, she’s been active in the Turkey startup ecosystem providing end-to-end solutions to startups and startup investors since she left CCI in 2021.

Mehmet Hurşit Zorlu (Board Member)

Mr. Zorlu has been a Board Member of CCI since 2004. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from Istanbul University. Prior to joining Anadolu Group in 1984, he held various positions in Toz Metal and Turkish Airlines. Mr. Zorlu joined Anadolu Group as a Marketing Specialist at the Efes Beverage Group and held various positions including Assistant Marketing Manager, Assistant Project Development Manager, Project Development Manager and Business Development & Investor Relations Director. Mr. Zorlu held the position of Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for Efes Beverage Group between 2000-2008 and the position of CFO for Anadolu Group between 2008-2013. From 2013 onwards he served as the Deputy CEO of Anadolu Group, until his appointment as the CEO of Anadolu Group in February 2017. He also currently acts as a Board Member in various Anadolu Group companies. Mr. Zorlu served as the Chairman of TKYD (Corporate Governance Association of Turkey) between 2015-2017 and he currently also serves as Board Member at Turkish Investor Relations Society (TUYİD) and at Outbound Investments Business Council at Foreign Economic Relations Board (DEİK).

Burak Başarır (Board Member)

Burak Başarır holds a BA in Business Administration and a minor in Computer Sciences from American River College. He studied management at California State University of Sacramento and received a BSc degree in business administration from Middle East Technical University in 1995. Başarır joined Anadolu Group in 1998 with his first post at Coca Cola İçecek (CCI) and assumed increasing managerial responsibilities in finance and commercial functions. He was assigned as Coca-Cola İçecek CFO in 2005 and has played a significant role during CCI’s IPO process and effectively managed the financial integration of Efes Invest with CCI. Başarır led the largest operation of CCI in terms of volume and sales as the Türkiye Region President between 2010 and 2013. Başarır was appointed as Coca-Cola İçecek CEO in January 2014. He served as Anadolu Group Soft Drinks Group President and Coca-Cola İçecek CEO between 2014 -2023. Başarır was appointed as Anadolu Group Deputy CEO in September 2023 and has been serving as Anadolu Group CEO since April 1st, 2024. Başarır is the Chairman of Anadolu Group Sustainability Committee and a member of the Turkish Industry & Business Association (TÜSİAD).

İbrahim Tamer Haşimoğlu (Board Member)

He graduated from German High School and continued his higher education with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Istanbul Technical University and a master's degree in International Business Administration from Istanbul University Institute of Business Economics. He started his professional career in 1989 as a Training Officer in Koç Holding Planning Coordination Department and worked as a Specialist, Manager and Coordinator. Between 2004 and 2011, he served as the Head of Strategic Planning at Koç Holding. During this period, he played an important role in determining the strategies of the Group companies and ensured that the main strategies and portfolio structure of Koç Group were determined. He carried out very important company acquisition and sales projects. These include the acquisitions of Tüpraş, Yapı Kredi and the sales of Migros, Koç Allianz, Demir Döküm, Döktaş and İzocam. From April 2011 to April 2022, he served as President of Koç Holding Tourism, Food and Retail Group. In this role, he was responsible for the management of 12 companies, including Koçtaş, Tat Gıda, Düzey Pazarlama, Divan, Setur, Setur Marinalar, Koç Sistem, KoçDigital, Ram and Inventram. Tamer Haşimoğlu currently serves as a Board Member in some Koç Group companies. In addition to these duties, he is a member of TÜSİAD and Hisar Education Foundation (HEV) Board of Trustees. For a period of time, he was a member of the Board of Directors of YASED, a member of the Turkish Tourism Investors Association and a member of the Board of Directors of IMEAK Merchant Marine.

Stephan Leo Rosen (Board Member)

Born in Nuremberg/Germany in 1963, Stephan Rosen graduated from European School in Varese (Italy). After an apprenticeship at GRUNDIG AG, he graduated 1988 in Business Administration from VWA Nuremberg and started his career in the export department of STAEDTLER. 1991 he continued to work for its subsidiary in Milan/Italy in management position (mainly for procurement, logistics and finance as well as establishing the brands LEITZ and TIPP-EX in Italy). Since 1995 he has worked for Faber-Castell headquarters in Stein as Export Manager, from 2003 to 2006 as Head of Profit Centre Europe. In 2006, he was appointed as Sales Director Europe. From 2007, he also took on the position of Managing Director for Faber-Castell Czech Republic. Between 2015 and 2016 he managed the subsidiary in Austria. In the period from 2016 to October 2023 he covered the position as Managing Director of FaberCastell Italy. In 2020, he was appointed Co-Managing Director for the subsidiaries in France and Denmark.

İzzet Karaca (Independent Board Member)

İzzet Karaca graduated from Boğaziçi University Industrial Engineering Department in 1977. Having started his professional career in 1977 at Koç Research and Development Centre, he held Industrial Engineer and IT Manager position until 1985. Between 1985-1988, Karaca worked as Systems and Organization Director at Ford Otosan. Since 1988, he held several positions at Unilever in Germany, Türkiye and Baltic States including Internal Audit Group Manager, Logistics Manager, Commercial Director and Managing Director. In addition, between 2011- 2013, İzzet Karaca served as the Chairperson at YASED (International Investors Association). After serving as Executive Chairman at Unilever Türkiye and Unilever NAMET RUB (North Africa, Middle East, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus) and being a member of the Unilever CEO Forum, Karaca retired at December 2013. In 2015, he published his first book called “The New CEO is... You”.

Tayfun Bayazıt (Independent Board Member)

Born in 1957, Tayfun Bayazıt got his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the Southern Illinois University, followed by a master’s degree (MBA) from Columbia University. Having started his career at Citibank in 1983, Bayazıt assumed Executive Vice President and Senior Executive Vice President positions at Yapı Kredi Bank from 1986 until 1995. He was President and CEO at Interbank from 1995 to 1996, and at Banque de Commerce et de Placements from 1996 to 1999. Having served as Vice Chairman at Doğan Holding from 1999 until 2001, Bayazıt was later appointed as CEO and Board member at Dışbank (2001-2005), Fortis Bank (2005-2007), and Yapı Kredi Bank (2007-2009), where he consequently served as Chairman from 2009 to 2011. He has been working as a consultant since 2011. Tayfun Bayazıt complies with all of the independent member requirements, defined in the Capital Markets Board (CMB) Corporate Governance Principles. .

Uğur Bayar (Independent Board Member)

Uğur Bayar graduated from New York State University, Department of Mathematics & Statistics with a BSc. degree. Bayar started his career at Citibank Türkiye in 1987 and served in various roles in the treasury department until he started public service in 1992. He served as the Vice President in Public Partnership Administration between 1992-1997 and President at Prime Ministry Privatization Administration of Türkiye between 1997-2002. During this time, he also assumed the Chairmanships of the Board at Erdemir and Petrol Ofisi, and the Board Memberships at Turkish Airlines and Turk Telekom. He joined Credit Suisse Türkiye in 2004 and served as the country CEO and Head of Investment Banking until 2017. He is currently serving as the Chairman of the Board of Tekfen Teknoloji Yatırım. Between 2018-2024, Bayar was an independent board member at Anadolu Grubu, Anadolu Efes and Coca-Cola İçecek. Uğur Bayar complies with all of the independent member requirements, defined in the Capital Markets Board (CMB) Corporate Governance Principles.

Eyüp Mehmet Cemil Yükselen (Independent Board Member)

Mehmet Yükselen is graduared from Electronic Engineering from Boğaziçi University in 1991 and his MBA from Carnegie Mellon University. In 1993, Mr. Yükselen started his career as an expert consultant at The Boston Consulting Group and worked as an Assistant Manager at Mckinsey Company in 2000-2001, Istanbul Office Manager and Co-Founder at The Boston Consulting Group in 2001-2004, Strategy and Business Development Director at Sabancı Holding between 2004-2007, Accessturkey Capital Group Partner between 2007-2008, and Founding Partner at 2M Enerji ve Elektrik Üretim A.Ş. between 2005-2018. Since 2018, he continues to work as a Founding Partner in MY Investment, MY Enerjisolar, MY Energy, which are among the companies of MY Group of Companies. Eyüp Mehmet Cemil Yükselen complies with all of the independent member requirements, defined in the Capital Markets Board (CMB) Corporate Governance Principles.