In the field of Quality Education since 2012;


  • We have been carrying out many projects such as Creative Child Creative Brain training workshops in cooperation with ÖRAV, and İz Bırakan Öğretmenler Teachers' Platform, in line with our goal of becoming an "Advisory Company in Education". Since the beginning of 2020 when the pandemic started and education and training underwent a great change, we focused on preschool period, which is the most critical time of children's development. In 2021, seeing the need to support the development of vocabulary and therefore mental development of preschool children, we took action to prepare children for a brighter future and launched the Platform. According to the results of the project activity research, Platform was recommended by 95% of the teachers who experienced It. It also received a total of 11 awards from national and international prestigious sectoral organizations in 2022.
  • Simultaneously, we have been providing stationery aid to children in need in line with our collaborations with various non-profit organizations since 2016, under our corporate social responsibility brand, Goodness Tree in order to support quality education in our country. To date, we have supported the education and learning needs of hundreds of thousands of children through our Goodness Tree program.


We also continue our work in the field of Climate Action unceasingly

  • With our Goodness Tree Forest project, which we started on the 100th anniversary of April 23 National Sovereignty and Children's Day, we contribute to the transfer of forests to future generations.
  • We always attach great importance to environmental protection and sustainability in our production facility. In this context, we use rain water for garden irrigation and meet half of the total energy need of the facility with renewable energy by utilizing the sawdust from the production of wood-cased pencils.
  • In order to prevent the depletion of the world's resources, we produce our wood-walled products only from FSC® Certified trees grown for industrial use. Thus, we contribute to the transfer of forests to future generations by investing in the future and nature.